How a 10-hour game development course can help you make 3D games like Angry Birds?

Learn, Connect, Grow!

Your journey with Captain Tesseract will enhance your LEARNINGs of gaming and game development, and will help you CONNECT with people sharing similar interests. Furthermore it will give you a platform to share your ideas, build and promote Games, and earn rewards and merchandise leading to your holistic GROWTH!

The mechanics behind game dev

What is a good game? The innovation in the gaming industry may hold us back from answering this question straightaway. Why? Because each time you open a store whether it's Playstore, Appstore, Epic, PS, and the list goes on.

You'll always find something new and interactive happening there. But only a few games have the guts to actually create an entertaining semblance in the player's mind, and even fewer developers have the guts to keep that game going.

The founding pillars of game development are the gaming engine, GUI, and mechanics. Without them, the game ceases to exist.

But equally important is an innovative idea that can grab the players by surprise.

The story of Un-install: You have 300 seconds only

That's right. A player can, on average, spend 300 seconds on a newly installed game. In these crucial moments he/she judges:

  • Load Time – Is it fast enough?
  • Interface – Is it understood?
  • Graphics – Are they comfortable or flashy?
  • Ease of Playing – Frustration level
  • Novelty – The unique aspect of the game
  • Engagement – Spell of time spent

If some of these fail to impress the player, consider the game uninstalled.

Captain Tesseract is not only a learning platform but it is also a gaming community. Answers to thousands of tricky questions have found refuge on our website.

Collaborating with other like-minded peers can help a developer in creating ultimate games or resolving mind-bending questions.

Can I really make games like Angry Birds with just 10 hours of game dev course?

Of course, you can!!! Captain Tesseract will teach you the complete ropes of

  • Building a Level
  • Designing Graphics (Characters, Objects, Structures, etc.)
  • Coding in C#
  • Creating Physics

Not just Angry Birds, but you will be able to develop games like Monument Valley, Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, and many more engaging games like these. Considering that you can put the required time and effort into it.

Game Dev: Passion or habit?

Game development is by no means an easy task. Many games are an outcome of dedicated time and efforts invested by the developer(s).

A new game asks for perpetual brainstorming, artistic vision, and player understanding. With CaptainTesseract game development course one will learn game making, and our community will help one in overcoming all kinds of hindrances.

Besides being a passion, you will have to indulge in game development as your habit to code successful games that can delight you and your audience.

Well done! You've become an Indie developer!

Once, the carefully constructed 10 sessions of our game development course finishes, you'll join the league of indie developers.

Indie developers are 'Independent Developers' throughout the world who are overshadowing the gaming industry with their talents.

They are usually short on funds but full-on spirits. They publish their games independently and have garnered considerable praise, so much so that their games have reached the final selection category of the 'Game of the Year Award.'

We will code that developer in you. If you know what we mean ;)

This time you'll sit on the other side of the screen

You have gone and played a thousand titles ranging from Batman Arkham Series to Fez, from PUBG to God of War, Crossy Roads to The last of Us, and more. Only, you had the controller while you were enjoying it.

This time you'll control the player and will be on the other side of the screen.

Your Gaming Journey begins at CaptainTesseract.

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Sunday, 09 May 2021
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